Adult new casual players

So You’re Interested, Eh?

We understand that you may be an adult interested in rugby, but not to the level of playing a club team. Does one of these describe you?

  • I have played sports before but never rugby, and I want to try it before trying to join a club team.

  • I have never played rugby and/or a contact sport and/or any sport and all, but I want to give it a try!

  • I have (or have not) played rugby before and my contact days are well behind me, but I want to get a run now and then.

  • I am not particularly interested in actually playing, but I am looking for places and friends to watch and enjoy rugby socially.

LPR would like to be able to provide resources for adults interested in joining the rugby community or events, be it playing or watching International games. Check this page for information on events or gatherings near you.

There is a Meetup group hosted by Silicon Valley RFC for casual rugby events in the South Bay. Click here to see the page.

At the moment have no upcoming events for non-contact players. Please check in again later.