For youth, Let’s Play Rugby provides courses in affiliation with city programs and youth groups. The courses are structured in three age groups: Age 5-7, age 8-10, and age 11-13. The content of each course varies by age group Let's Play Rugby Flag Rugby classes are on temporary hiatus. Feel free to contact us for kids' rugby resources in California.
The curriculum of Let’s Play Rugby courses has two sources. Firstly, it is based o of USA Rugby’s Rookie Rugby program. Rookie Rugby is a form of ag rugby designed by USA Rugby as a fun, beginner-friendly program for use by schools or community groups that were interested in introducing rugby programs to their activities or curriculum. The second source is from Let’s Play Rugby founders themselves. The founders have plentiful experience in coaching and playing rugby, at all levels and age groups, and have accumulated certications and knowledge at every level from beginner youth to elite. Using this knowledge, and mixing it with the base of ag rugby provided by USA Rugby, the Let’s Play Rugby curriculum is fun, safe, educational, and healthy.