2019 Carlsberg Cup

Welcome back to Silicon Valley Sevens Carlsberg Cup !

Dates for this year:

June 15: First leg of tournament and Norcal Qualifier round

June 29: Both youth tournament and the second leg of the Carlsberg Cup

July 20: Final Norcal Qualifier round as well as the final round of Carlsberg Cup


Blackford High School (Harker Middle School)

3800 Blackford Ave

San Jose, CA

Each day teams will play 3-4 games. We will have an after-match event at Britannia Arms after each day. Trophies will be given out at the end of the tournament.

Teams who want to compete in all three days and compete for the trophies should sign up as a core team. Teams that can only compete in one or two days can sign up as guest teams. Guest teams will still get 3-4 games and will compete against the same teams but the game results will not count toward the final standings.

To register, send email to sv7s@letsplayrugby.org. Register by Wednesday, June 12, to be in the June 15th event!