2021 Carlsberg Cup

Welcome back to Silicon Valley Carlsberg Cup !

COVID Status

We are expecting/hoping restrictions to be lifted on June 15. If this does not happen, we may not be able to have the tournament, or it may need to be postponed.

Dates for this year

June 26, July 10, July 24


Boynton High School (Harker Middle School)

901 Boynton Ave

San Jose, CA


June 26: Sevens only (most teams feel they need more time to prepare for a Fifteens game).  But we will have a Tight Five/Old Boys Sevens bracket: every player must be at least 220 lbs. and/or over 43

July 10: Sevens and Fifteens

July 24: Sevens; maybe Fifteens if enough teams want another round

The Sevens format is the same as last year. You can join all three weekends and compete for the Carlsberg Trophy, or just sign up for one or two of the days. Each day will be three games

Fifteens format will be a tournament format but exact details depend on number of teams.

USAR/NCRFU Requirements

  • All players must be registered with USAR
  • Your club must be registered with USAR/NCRFU and in good standing
  • Your club must have a  Club Verification re: COVID signed and on file with NCRFU before participating

You should submit a roster with your players and coaches by the Wednesday before the tournament day so everything  can be verified


Full tournament (3 days, Sevens only): $750 per team

Single day: $275 per team/bracket

We will have an after-match event at Britannia Arms after each day. Trophies will be given out at the end of the tournament.

Teams who want to compete in all three days and compete for the trophies should sign up as a core team. Teams that can only compete in one or two days can sign up as guest teams. Guest teams will still get 3-4 games and will compete against the same teams but the game results will not count toward the final standings.

For questions, send email to: sv7s@letsplayrugby.org